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Incredible, Unforgettable, Jill


What a life! What a character! What a heart! What a soul!

Most people would take “9-Lives” to accomplish what Jill did in only one. She wore so many hats: The “dog” hat The “cat” hat The “church”hat The “friend” hat The “earth” hat (Now–she wears the “heaven” hat!)

Clubs, leagues, rallies, protests, boards! She was everywhere–all the time. (Did she have a twin sister or two?!?)

BUT–above all else–her #1 role/hat she wore with pride, loyalty, commitment, and dedication, was that of mother and grandmother. It was 100% always, regardless of anything, against all odds, disappointments, heartaches, and even tragedy (all of which she had her fair share). It was an unconditional pure love for Donna, Mark, Danny, Chris, Sarah, and Adam. They were her lifeline, the very fiber of her existence.

Jill was a virtual role model of integrity. Jill had compassion and empathy for all living creatures with any need or void (including people!).

Jill’s word–take it to the bank–always honest on all things–all the time (many times this could be brutal).

Jill had perception and intuition combined with street and head smarts and common sense. She had an amazing ability to understand the “big picture.”

Jill had deep spirituality, an almost psychic connection, as if she had experienced her spiritual lessons and was an enlightened, complete soul. She always knew the answer! (Sometimes before you even asked!)

She had an uncanny ability to “size-up” anyone in a blink of an eye. She could not be fooled or played and could detect deceit and evil a mile away. He’s as phony as a three dollar bill–we all heard her say!

She commanded her high standards in those she befriended. Anything less was never tolerated.

Jill’s English heritage always gave her a “formal” air, even in the zany, silly, crazy moments.

Jill was comfortable within herself in all situations, whether she be with royalty or a homeless person; because she was always doing “the right stuff” she never stopped learning, loving, living. One would never know her age–she had the spirit of a teenager.

And in the end (her fellow Englishman, John Lennon said it best), the love you take is equal to the love you make.

Was the world a better place for Jill having lived in it?? Yes! Yes! Yes!

It was a privilege to know her and be in her life. It was an honor to be loved by her.


Jill with Drew Manger, 1983

Photo by Paula Manger

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